Short stories

I’ve had short stories crop up in various publications including The Alarmist, Lucifer, Inkapture, The Stockholm Review of Literature and fhp magazine. Some of my stories have also been distributed through Panspermia Press, of which I’m co-founder, along with Chris Baldwin.

Selected issues of Panspermia Press are available for download below. These are a gift. I ask nothing in return.

Shred illustration
In which we are all saved by a piece of office equipment. Even you.

The Scabs of Fate image

The Scabs of Fate
In which a palm reader fiddles fate. And fate gives him the finger.

Winners image

In which yuppies collide and discover why victory can be defeat.

The Sweet and the Sour image

The Sweet and the Sour
In which we consider the importance of being nice to those who serve us food.